The shins! So talented, cant wait to see then play with the Black Keys this summer what a concert.


Weird video

This is sketchy as shit but good song haha

Favorite Blink Song

This song and dumpweed are too good. Old blink over new blink any day, agree?

KONY 2012

Whoa, It's Kevin

KONY 2012 is a pretty crazy campaign. The whole premise of it is that they are trying to raise global awareness to a man named Joseph Kony, a man whom abducts children and raises them to kill people. They are trying to garner enough attention for his arrest, as well as set a precedent for international justice.

Crazy stuff.

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Probably the best way to clear your head, seriously try it out

The black keys

somewhere between t-pain and flo rida i gave up on listening to the radio until the black keys started playing, amazing!

Phil Dunphy, the love of my life

Modern Family is only one of the most hilarious shows on tv, this clip is the best.